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Columns by Kari

Parenting. Beauty. Style. Health.

About me

My biography

My name is Kari and I am a vegan, breastfeeding, babywearing, yogi-mama that also loves to binge watch Netflix whilst eating an entire bag of potato chips.

I post new content, in English and Dutch on, 5 times a week. A lot of it is about that #momlife, cruelty free makeup and skincare, green lifestyle and easy plant based recipes.

There are also amazing other mamas, from all over the world, that contribute on a regular basis.

I started Columns by Kari because I want to inspire you to feel happy, healthy & beautiful.

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Brise C200 Air purifier

Brise C200 Air purifier


Breathe in joy, breathe out gratitude

If you just like me have a child that suffers from allergies, eczema, hay fever, asthma or other sensitivities, then you know just how stressful it can be to find solutions and assure them of comfort. Even if it's just for yourself, then you still want to create the optimal surroundings for you to live in. That's why I'm so elated with my Brise Air Purifier and recommend it to anyone who cares about good air.


My personal review

In this blog I discuss a topic that is dear to my heart: a healthy home.

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An unhealthy home: common problems

The air cleaner from Brise focuses on filtering and cleaning the air in the room where the Brise is located. With the help of 5 filters, bacteria, VOCs, PM2.5, animal hairs, pollen, odors, harmful gases, dust, smog (spores), exhaust gases and mold are filtered from the air.

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